SMP Residency

Program Goals and Objectives

The Spectrum Medical Physics Residency is designed to prepare MS or PhD graduates for a career in Medical Physics in the sub-specialty of Radiation Therapy Physics. This 24 month training program is also designed to prepare the Resident for the ABR Board Certification process.

Program History

The Spectrum Medical Physics program was started in 2020 in an attempt to help close the gap between the number of graduating Medical Physics Students and the number of CAMPEP Accredited Residency Programs. SMP received its CAMPEP Accreditation in 2021, and intends to admit one Resident each year for a nominal summer start.

Program Handbook


Applicants to the SMP Residency must have graduated from a CAMPEP accredited Therapeutic Medical Physics graduate program. For the 2023-2025 Residency Cycle, SMP is not entered into the MedPhys Match program.

Residency Program Statistics

Standard 2.13 States: “An accredited program must publicly describe the program and the achievements of its residents, preferably through a publicly-accessible website. This information must be updated no less often than annually and must include the numbers of applicants to the program, of applicants offered admission, of residents entering the program, and of graduates. Information on the subsequent positions of graduates shall also be provided, i.e., numbers in academics, clinical practice, industrial positions, etc. This information should not identify individuals.

Year# Applicants# AcceptedStart/Completion DatePosition Obtained
2022261June, 2022-
202091August, 2020-October, 2022Full Time Clinical

For inquiries pertaining to the Medical Physics Residency Program, contact Program Director, Phil Kallenberg ( / or use our contact form with the subject line “Residency”.